Sit on Your Fanny at Lake Fannie, Isanti County MN, and Catch some Panfish!

If you are looking for Lake Fannie lakefront real estate, you will find that there is only one for sale at on the MN MLS/IDX system (Northstar) but you will need to call to find out if there are more that are not currently posted on this system. There are probably more.

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Fishing for Panfish in Lake Fannie

This Isanti lake is a bit small (354 acres) and a bit shallow (308 acres are littoral) but it does reach a maximum depth of 33 feet at one point. It’s a bit murky (water clarity is 4.1 feet) so if you are looking for panfish, bright jigs will probably work best for you. However, it is undisputedly one of the bluegill sunfish and black crappie hotspots within a short drive of the Minneapolis area. Gill net studies by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources indicate that northern pike are found here in above-average numbers and above average sizes. The lake has been heavily stocked by the DNR in 2008.

bluegill fro lake fannie

Find out more about how to catch panfish on Lake Fannie.

If you are looking for a Fannie Lake lake home or other Isanti County MN lakeshore, please give us a call at 612-296-007 for comprehensive information that might not be available on public MN real estate webpages.

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