Are There any More Homes for Sale on Pelican Lake?

Only your favorite Crow Wing County lakeshore expert knows for sure how many there really are. Not all lakeshore listings show up on the IDX!

Here are some excellent choices for lakefront Pelican Lake cabins, homes, seasonal, and year-round properties.

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this is what fishing is like on pelican lake

According to the Northstar Regional MN MLSsystem, there are about 55 lakefront Pelican Lake homes for sale at the time of this writing. There is a sundry assortment of homes for sale here, especially on Breezy point lakeshore, as well as lakefront on Pequot Lakes. On the east side, you may be able to snag a 1M+ lakeshore estate complete with gourmet kitchen and tobacco wood flooring (Have you ever heard of that?) In most cases, beautiful sunsets are included with sale at asking price.

On the west side of Pelican, you may be able to find a modest shack with a grand staircase, sauna, and small acreage for sale at about 900K, if you don’t drag your feet. Note: To get the local wildlife included, you may want to have your Crow Wing waterfront real estate agent write it into a personal property addendum.

If you just want to fish, which is better than sitting around in the house anyway, you can find a cute little Breezy Point MN lake home for under 200K.

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  1. Dr. Gene Emahiser says:

    Just read your blurb on this site. Are you from this planet? Do you really think that this format will attract buyers? Is it really, million here, million there, pretty soon it will be real money? Real folks, 20% without work, with a dream look online to get a piece of the Northern Rock… and you hit them with this nonsense.

    It is offensive, check around.

    Dr. E

  2. Kermit Johnson says:

    Dr. E…

    Thank you for visiting my site.

    Here is my response:

    1. Yes, there really are million dollar or multi-million dollar lake homes in Northern Minnesota. I can’t help that. This is the reality on my planet (Earth.) Sorry if you are offended. Maybe this format is offensive to you, but it does get some results.

    You will also notice that you can use the site to search for homes in any price range.

    2. I am sensitive to affordability issues and unemployment issues. However, if you are unemployed, you probably won’t be buying lakeshore in any price range unless you have a lot of cash. BTY, the unemployment rate for MN is not 20%, although there are pockets in the state where this might be true, especially in northern Minnesota. Nevada probably has the worst unemployment rate in the nation, has an unemployment rate of 13% (which certainly horrific, anyway.)

    3. On Planet Earth, prices are governed by the law of supply and demand. This includes Northern MN lakeshore and Pelican Lake properties.

    4. The prices right now are at a low point, making this a great time for buyers to purchase Minnesota lakeshore. If you are dreaming about MN lakeshore, this is the time to purchase. It is more affordable than it has been for a long, long time.

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