Pine River Lake Homes and Lakeshore Cabins in the Whitefish Chain

This little spot on the Cass County map can only claim 928 people for the 2000 Census. Those who own Pine River lake homes comprise a fraction of that. Howevver, lots of MN walleyes have Pine River lake homes. It’s too bad the census takers didn’t interview the fish that call Pine River MN “home.” They would have tallied a number thousands of times as large as the human population. It might have been useful to break down the fish count by species, in the same way that census studies break down human populations by ethnic types However, we would venture to say that the dominant population groups are panfish and walleye in the legendary Whitefish Chain of Lakes.

View Pine River lakeshore properties.

The DNR is the real census taker for the fish populations. Gill nets are the tools needed for demographers fishographers. It just has to be that way. Fish do not answer the door, unless there is a black leech involved, and they don’t want everyone to know the number of households, nor the rock piles and weedlines used for lurking or socializing. Also, they are paranoid about government types, and are especially worried about IRS agents. This is because some of them eat their young and still try to claim them as a deduction. Although some fish associate with schools, they are actually very private. They don’t like their personal information to be open to the public, especially when it pertains to feeding habits. Fortunately for us, the fishermen know how and where to catch these fish, even more so than any government agent.

Pine River Lake Homes for Sale

Pine River MN lake homes are great for vacations, because you can drive from Minneapolis and back on a single tank of gas, according the Pine River Chamber of Commerce.  There is limited inventory of lakeshore properties for sale, and prices are outstanding.

At the time of this post, there were 12 Pine River lake homes for sale. This does not include the homes of fish, and we are not sure if they are selling anyway. Prices range from $1.3 million all the way down to $149K.  You might even find some nice Pine River lake homes on Big Trout Lake or Lower Whitefish Lake on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.  Act soon, and you can purchase an upscale chalet-style Pine River MN home on Norway Brook. You can find bargain waterfront property on Lake Lizzie, or lakeshore with a nice sandy beach on Lower Hay Lake.  Norway Lake has plenty of homes with great Pine River lake homes for sale.

Who knows? That big fat muskie you have been dreaming about might just be your neighbor! Check out Pine River Lake homes before the walleyes start buying them up.


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