Minnesota Predatory Offender Lookup

According to Minnesota Statute section 243-166, all Minnesotans have the right to view the predatory offender registry before purchasing a home. Citizens may use this registry to determine the presence of Level III offenders. Level III offenders are the most likely to re-offend.

Law enforcement officials decide on a case-by case basis what information should be posted.

Any offender convicted before 1991 is not required to register a home address. Any offender released from prison prior to 1997 is not required to register an address.

As your agent, I recommend examining the registry before making a purchasing decision. Homesellers may not be aware of the whereabouts of local offenders.

Before purchasing a property, buyers may contact the police department in the community in which the property is located, or:

The Minnesota Department of Corrections


Drew Sjodin National Sex Offender Registry

SAFE crime prevention specialists by Minneapolis precinct