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Rice Lake in Maple Grove MN is a big and shallow lake, that is 11 feet deep at most. Water clarity is 2.5 feet. It covers an area of 314 acres, and of course, 100% of it is classified as littoral. The presence of Eurasian watermilfoil was confirmed here in 1996. Yet, it is a great place to fish. There is a carry-down access near the outlet creek in the park area.

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northern pike are large in rice lake maple grove mn

This was not always the case; in 1994 a commercial fishing operation removed over 9,000 pounds of bullheads. That’s a lot of bullheads! This really gave the other species a nice “shot in the arm.” Today, there are healthy populations of bluegill sunfish, black crappies, northern pike, and largemouth bass. Some white crappies, hybrid sunfish, and yellow perch can also be caught here. According to the DNR, 25% of northern pike sampled were longer than 25 inches.

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If you want to find a lake home on Rice Lake, you better be vigilant.  This is a hot area for purchasing lake property because of the proximity of Interstate 94 and the Minneapolis metro area. Have your checkbook and pre-approval letter handy, because you may have to be very decisive if you want to get lakeshore property here.  According to the Northstar Regional Maple Grove MN MLS at the time of this listing, there were exactly two single family homes for sale on Rice Lake.  Both are under 500k, but don’t hold your breath waiting for prices on Minnesota lakeshore here to get any lower.

Most of the homes here are built in the 1980’s and 1990’s and vary from walkout ramblers to sumptuous two story homes with large heated garages.  There were three lake home sales here in 2007 according to the MLS.  There is not much turnover here.  Average sale price was $424,933.

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  1. Hello,
    I’m on the Rice Lake Area Association board of directors and wanted to let you know there are some inaccuracies in your assessment of Rice Lake, particularly with the fish population.
    The current fish population is dominated by rough fish, primarily Carp and Bullheads. We had the first fish survey done since 1994 last year (2008) and the statistics for the survey, as well as other valuable information, is available on the Rice Lake website (www.ricelake.homestead.com). I would recommend directing anyone looking for information about Rice Lake to that site.
    There are currently several homes on Rice Lake up for sale.

    Thank you,
    George Schneider
    Secretary/Rice Lake Area Association

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