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View Rochester MN Real estate listings of starter homes (under 200K) here. You can modify the search to see other types of listings as well. Data is obtained from Northstar’s Regional Rochester MN MLS system.  Please call me for more comprehensive listing information on cheap Rochester Homes and sales data at (612) 296-0007.  Do you have special needs?  Ask for a personalized dataset of Rochester MN MLS listings.

Browse bank-owned / foreclosed Rochester MN homes at this link.<>/p>

Would Rochester Be a Good Place to Invest in Your First Piece of Real Estate?

Named “Best Small City” in America by Money Magazine,  Rochester has received similar accolades from other prestigious national publications. Small wonder!  The city offers a clean environment, excellent municipal services, and a school system with a great reputation.  The economy?  Well, consider this:  Rochester is home to the Mayo Clinic, which provides the majority of jobs for the residents.  Countless numbers of  people from all over the world have been treated here.  They keep coming in mulitudes.  On top of that, the city is home to the  largest IBM complex under one roof.   Will the economy continue to grow? No  one really has a crystal ball, so I can’t make an iron-clad forecast.  But I would bet money on the future of Rochester Minnesota real estate.

Buy a Cheap Home in Rochester, Minnesota

Taking all of that into consideration, the smart money will be invested in Rochester MN real estate.  After all, that’s what your landlord did.  Actually,  your rent is paying for his housing.  You are paying for the profits on his investment. That’s probably what you will be thinking about when you grit your teeth and write that next rent check. Why not invest in your own piece of Rochester MN real estate instead of your landlord’s property?  Maybe you can’t afford your dream home right now.  But if you want one in the future, get into a Rochester MN starter home now. That’s probably what all those luxury home owners did a few years ago.

Get a Starter Home in Rochester MN

The net cost of ownership is probably less than what you pay now, considering the tax benefits and equity gains. There are plenty of excellent starter homes out there on the Rochester MN MLS.  You can get everything from major fixer-uppers to some ones that are in excellent shape.

Isn’t it time to kiss your landlord goodbye?

Contact for more information on cheap Rochester MN real estate.

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