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Spring Lake in Scott County MN is not the most well known fishing lake in Minnesota. If you look at various fishing reports on the web, it is mentioned as a good place to catch walleye, crappie, and bluegill. We have pulled bullheads out of there too.

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It’s pretty easy to catch bluegill sunfish in this 580 acre lake. The fact that it is just south of the town of Prior Lake makes it a short trip for hauling your boat and trailer. There is a public launch on the south end of the lake. The water is pretty green; according to the DNR, the water clarity is 2.8 feet, but I would say that’s an exaggeration. Certainly, by late July and August, the water is almost opaque. Public sewer will be extended to all homes on Spring Lake, so that should eliminate all surrounding septic systems and help the water quality. Also, the residents on the lake have formed an association to protect the quality of the lake, which includes noxious weed control.

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If you want to catch fish, you can use just about anything along the weedlines, especially bright jigs for panfish. Supposedly, walleye lurk near the lake outlet. There is little natural walleye reproduction in this lake, but the frequently stocked walleye fingerlings are said to do quite well. I have never caught any.

What do I fish for in this lake? Largemouth bass. There are also some white bass in schools on the south end of the lake. To find the largemouth, head to the southern end of the lake between Thornton and Hunter’s Point. The water gets very shallow, but get your boat as far into the shallows as you can. Use bright crappie jigs or live crawlers. Fish in about two feet of water in the weeds. You will catch plenty of largemouth bass, especially in late evening. Your kids will enjoy seeing an abundance of wildlife, including blue herons and multitudes of turtles.

Homes and Real Estate on Spring Lake

According to Northstar Regional MLS Statistics (as compiled on 7/18/08,) there are only six lake homes for sale on Spring Lake. Although there is 4.6 miles of lakeshore, housing opportunities are usually limited, so if you find lakeshore real estate here that looks interesting, it makes sense to check it out as soon as possible.

Average asking price is $538,800 at an average price of $233.17 per square foot.

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