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Historic charm. Scenic beauty. A step back in time.  These are all words that describe Taylors Falls MN.  These are all reasons why the Taylors Falls MN real estate market is popular among homebuyers who want a quaint ambiance but don’t want to be very far away from Minneapolis. Purchase a Taylors Falls home, and you can have it all.

Historic?  Step back in time? Yes to both.  The state’s charter was drawn up here. If you browsed this part of the St. Croix River Valley, you would discover that the area is littered with working farms that are over 100 years old.   Drive up the hill from the heart of downtown, and you will see plenty of stately, old Taylors Falls homes replete with lead-camed glass, oak pillars, built-ins, and all of those other old-world flourishes.

Scenic beauty? It’s a perfect picture postcard landscape.  Take a trip down the river between the black, jagged basalt cliffs, and you will be glad you brought your camera.

Taylor Falls City Hall home page.

It’s not just all old-world here either.  How about a newer home with a five car garage and acreage backing up to Colby Lake?  You might just find one if you call soon. Also check out the famous Angel Hill district, and you might find an old beauty that has been renovated and updated.  You might even find a Taylors Falls foreclosure or two that would not take too much elbow-grease to make it all bright and shiny!

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