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In the mid 1800’s the area now called Carver County, settlers started arriving, establishing themselves along tivers. The rivers provided transportation as well as power for driving mills. Territorial Road was built and a sawmill was set up on the river for lumber production. Soil conditions were ideal for farming, and farmers migrated heavily to the area. Timbered land was cleared so crops could be grown. In 1857, mail service came to the area, and the first school was built two years later. The townsite was first given the name Rapids Waters, but had to be changed, because another townsite was already using that name. The name Watertown was chosen because of the water in the area, and one of the prominent citizens, Caleb Lewis, had been originally been from a town in New York by that same name.

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Improved farm machinery increased the level of agricultural production, and Watertown Minnesota thrived and grew. Hotels, saloons, drug stores, blacksmith, factories, shoemakers, doctors, homes and churches began to appear as the town boomed. The sawmill and grist mill continued to be a major part of the local economy. But the town economy suffered a huge blow when the railroad planned to run to Watertown was rerouted. Watertown MN now was missing out on the most important transporation mode of the time. The railroad did not come to Watertown until 1915.

The city struggled to survive by attracting new businesses. Watertown was incorporated in 1877. Canning factories and a creamery played an important part in its survival. Growth contiunued in the retail sector and city water and sewer were introduced in the 1920’s . Today, Watertown still has a good employment base, but much residential real estate growth comes from Metro commuters.

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