Wayzata Minnesota Lake Homes on Lake Minnetonka

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What would Wayzata be without Lake Minnetonka?

Not much. In fact, the Sioux Indians who first called this area home might have not even given this area its name. The name “Wayzata” is derived from the American Indian word “Waziya,” which is what they called their god of the North. They added the suffix, which changed its meaning to “North Shore.” Without Lake Minnetonka, there would be no “North Shore.” Without the North Shore, this area would probably be names “Waziya.” which would be much less appealing. Who wants to live in a place where the god of the North blows cold wind at you. In fact, the Indians might not have bothered to name this area at all. It certainly wouldn’t have been settled as early as it was.

Here are some Lake Minnetonka homes for sale in Wayzata MN on the Northstar MLS:

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Lake Minnetonka was not discovered (by Europeans) until 1822 a couple of adventurous teenagers rowed up Minnehaha Creek. It wasn’t long until the adults found out about it and decided that they would like to have Minnetonka lake homes in the Wayzata MN area too! After that, things went downhill for the local Indians, and the Northern Railroad started bringing wealthy vacationers to this area in 1957. Minnetonka lake homes in Wayzata area became the status symbol for the times.  Lakeshore became a hot Wayzata real estate commodity.

Wayzata MN Lake Homes for Sale

Lake Minnetonka lakeshore real estate prices have changed quite a bit since 1957, but you don’t have to be Warren Buffet to know that wintertime is the best time to buy.  Buy soon, and you still might get some ice fishing done this winter.

Single Family Lakeshore Homes

Lake home listings on Minnetonka are always tight, but especially in Wayzata MN.
At the time of this post, there are only six single family listings for sale with waterfront (per Northstar Regional MLS)  Are you on a budget?  Don’t despair.  Don’t drag your feet, either.  There is exactly one home for sale under 1M, which is a real bargain for this area.  There are four others with prices ranging up to 7M.  Average asking price is $4,987,998. Cost per square foot calculations are meaningless because there is such variation between parcel and shoreline dimensions. Selection includes homes in the prestigious Ferndale area next to Browns Bay, and some others off of Wayzata Bay.  Either way, you will be close to some excellent muskie fishing.

Please call me at 612-296-0007 for details on any or all of these fine Lake Minnetonka homes.

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